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Crime Mob

Crime Mob Crime Mob is an Atlanta based rap group. Artists Diamond, Princess, Killa G., Cyco Black, Jock and Lil’ Jay first got their break when major label rap artist Lil Scrappy saw them perform at a local Atlanta club. After being signed, they released their debut single ‘Knuck If You Buck’. Shortly after that, they dropped their self-titled debut, which sold 270,000 copies with limited promotion. Their first single of 2007 single, “Rock Yo Hips”, is from their second album Hated On Mostly. The video for “Rock Yo Hips” depicts a fictional Crime Mob College, set to resemble a historically black college.
Band From: United States, Atlanta - Georgia
Band Members: Jonathan 'Lil Jay' Lewis, Venetia 'Princess' Lewis, Brittany 'Diamond' Carpentero, Alphonce 'Cyco Black' Smith, and 'M.I.G.'
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