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Cadillac Don & J-Money

Cadillac Don & J-Money Cadillac Don (born Donald Sharp) and J-Money (born Tiyon Rogers) are a duo of Southern rap artists. The two grew up in Crawford, Mississippi, listening to blues and R&B but soon were drawn to the more aggressive nature of rap. Both Cadillac Don (AKA Donald Sharp) and J. Money (AKA: Tiyon Rogers) grew up poor in single parent homes where music like blues and R&B took center stage in their lives, but as the two childhood friends grew older they soon gravitated toward hip hop. Cadillac Don list hip hop stalwarts like Big Daddy Kane as his chief influences while J. Money cites LL Cool J and Tupac as major influences.
Band From: United States, Crawford, Mississippi
Band Members: Donald Sharp (Cadillac Don) and Tiyon Rogers (J-Money)
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